9-13 years old

WHO decides on the net? Have you talked about online bullying in class? “You decide” is about questions and issues young people using mobile phones and the Internet are facing, such as privacy and what sources of information to trust on the Internet.


Barn ler av bilde på mobil

Watch movie clips, read real life stories and discuss with your classmates! You can either use these web sites or the teacher can order a FREE set (in Norwegian) for 9-13-year-olds here.

13-17 years old

Are people tougher when sitting behind the computer than they are in real life? How to tell whether the things you read online are true or not? "You decide" is about how to be smart and selective on the Internet, privacy, cyber-bullying and other digital issues students encounter in everyday life.

 Do you want reflection and discussions in class, eye-opening experiences or additional information and tasks? Use these You decide-sites or order a FREE set (in Norwegian) for 13-17-year-olds here.

You decide in Urdu, Somali and Arabic

The You decide-brochures for children aged 9- 13 years have now been translated into Urdu, Somali and Arabic.

“You Decide” is an educational package aiming to increase young people's knowledge of privacy and to raise their consciousness about the choices they make online.

Research shows that next after school, parents have a very important role when it comes to teaching children safe and conscious use of the internet. In order to give children and young people the knowledge they need to, parents and other grown ups responsible for the young people need to be informed about and reflect around themes such as safe internet use, privacy, digital media and cyberbullying.

Hence, in Norway, little information is available on these important themes in minority languages. The You decide-campaign wanted to do something about this situation, and hereby introduce the brochures in Urdu, Somali and Arabic. 

Here you can download the brochures Urdu, Somali and Arabic
You decide brochure ages 9-13



The Norwegian Board of Technology, the Norwegian Data Inspectorate and the Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education are the partners behind “You Decide”.

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